imgSmall driveways are installed by hand to perfection and large parking lots installed w/ self-propelled paving machines. Every job is completed in different specifications. All Shore Paving installs all new driveways, w/ belgium block or brick bordering


Installations of beautiful block & brick driveway entrances, walkways, patios & more:

– The standard asphalt driveway is installed w/ excavating all unwanted material taken  away, installing a proper 4”-6” stone base, and installing 2”-3” of compressed Type 7f residential asphalt mix.  (Under different specs more material may be used depending on the customer’s requirements.)

–  The standard parking lot is performed w/ heavier roller compaction equipment and use of a larger 6f asphalt stone material (known as finish top) for more traffic & durability. All parking lots have different requirements of asphalt thickness & amount of layers installed depending upon the customer or inspector requirements. All Shore Paving will provide any advice needed and all work performed on any paving scale.

– Resurfacing can often (but not always) be  installed to driveways as they are done to parking lots. It is a cost effective way for having new pavement installed.

We strive to provide newly paved surfaces that enhance the aesthetics of your property and offer routine maintenance and repair services that extend the life expectancy of the pavement.


Generally our paving work is divided into three areas…

NEW CONSTRUCTION:The building of new asphalt surfaces has several steps . First the site is excavated and graded to the designed grade. Second, rock courses are installed and compacted to specifications. And finally, install a custom designed asphalt mix and compact the surface.
RESURFACING:Resurfacing an area involves the placement of one or more asphalt overlays (milling) on top of existing pavements. Once repairs are made, preparation for resurfacing requires cleaning the surface using either a blower or sweeper, applying a tack coat for adhesive purposes, and then paving per overlay specifications. A fresh asphalt overlay can include a leveling course to even out the pavement surface and a second uniform coarse to provide the necessary thickness.
REMOVAL AND REPLACEMENT:Removal and replacement of pavement is normally required because of improper preventive maintenance along with inadequate or improperly installed sub base materials. Severe sub base deficiencies may require partial or complete removal of all pavement and sub base materials.