All Shore Paving provides small pothole repair to large massive asphalt patching w/ all the proper equipment to fit the job. You do not have to always pave new lots and driveways sometimes areas can be repaired being very cost effective and making your old job look new. Call us and we will advise you the correct way.

Unrepaired potholes will chip away and become more severe pavement issues. This exposes you to serious liability as potholes are trip hazards to tenants, customers, and employees. Failed areas or liability issues on your parking lots and roadways are justifiably important concerns. But the presence of these concerns does not mean that repaving or other major scopes are necessary. Our proven technique of patching asphalt allows you to repair these particular areas in a cost-effective way.

The Process:

Stage One. The broken, failed, or liability areas are identified as concerns that should be addressed.
Stage Two. The areas are cut square with a jack-hammer or sawcut (depending on the region or by request) and excavated to the aggregate subbase.
Stage Three. Asphalt is installed at an average compact depth of 2-3” depending specs.
Stage Four. Finally, edges are sealed with asphalt emulsion to improve bonding with the surrounding existing asphalt.

In situations with a large amount of patching in one parking lot or roadway, asphalt milling (or scarifying) options are also available, which uses specialized milling equipment to cut down on excavation time.